Tool And Equipment

Any job can be easy with the right tool!! At Honey Do DIY Garage LLC feel free to bring your own tools and equipment. If you don't have your own tools,  that's not a problem you can use ours. We have a wide array of mechanical tools that can be "checked out" to complete any project. Honey Do carry specialty tools and equipment as well, so stop by or call ahead to be sure we have what you need to get the job done right.

Basic Tool Rental- $15.00

Our tool package allows you to check in and out any tool that you may need to complete your project in your bay rental time frame. A valid Drivers License or identification card is required to check out tools. Tool rentals do not carry over bays and only last as long as the bay is rented daily. All tools must be returned to prevent additional charge.

Tire And Wheel Balance- $30.00

Our tire press and wheel balancer can be rented to mount 22' and under rims. A technician will mount the rim for you, they will also balance the rim and tire to the proper weight. When renting this equipment the balance weights are included. (Up to four tires)  Spares $7 additional charge

Cooling System Flush $25.00

If you need to flush your cooling system in a safe and friendly environment. Fluids and supplies are included. 

Welding $30.00 

Portable torch to spot weld on site,  glasses and safety equipment included. 

Cranes and lifts - $20.00

Engine crane for up to 800lbs and transition jacks for up to 500lbs.