Automotive 101 Sessions

Brakes 101- Have you ever traveled 35-50 MPH and have to stop suddenly? Do you know how your braking system works or do you know the components to preventive maintenance on your braking system and common repair? This course walks you through the breaking system with a trained technician, topics covered include the disc and drum brake, hoses and lines, ABS and safety. Book your next class and learn more. 

Electrical Battery and Lights 101- Arm yourself with knowledge to be better prepared when you walk outside to a dead battery. A trained Technician will go over the main components to the electrical system of your car. Replacement and charging of the battery is covered in this course followed by identify and replace blown fuses and light bulbs. It's a fact that a car is going to need attention but it's better to be prepared for these situations.  Book your next Class to learn more. 

Roadside Care 101- Breaking down on the way to your destination can be devastating, although it does not have to be. In the Roadside course your will be better prepared for any situation that arises. Course work include changing tires safely, diagnosing and troubleshooting overheating problems, as well as common electrical problems. this course will include a pre-built emergency kit (flash light, safety cone, gas container). Book your next class to learn more

General Maintenance 101- Its okay to be a know it all, the next time one of your friends need  auto assistance you will be the one to save the day. In this course you will learn good preventive maintenance practices for you car to keep it on the road longer . This course will cover general fluids, tire rotation and  gauges, how to read them as well as how to look up parts that you may need for repairs. The technician will walk you through a tune up for your car. Safe regular practices are important for keeping your car running longer. Book your next class to learn more.