Bay Rentals

At Honey Do DIY Garage LLC you are able to work on your own car in a clean safe dry environment. Equipped with useful resources like Wi-Fi, trained onsite technicians, and a full array of tools for whatever project you need to complete.  Each bay is cleaned and inspected by our onsite technichian so its safe and clean for the next DIYer. 

 Hourly Bay Rental


At Honey Do we want to make your next automotive inconvenience a little more tolerable. Enjoy completing your next automotive project in our climate controlled facility, to escape the inclement weather. Each bay has access to air hose, compatible with most quick connect air tools. Each bay is equipped with waste removal stations to eliminate toxic waste from the environment. Feel free to look up videos for your DIY project on the internet from your favorite device with the included WIFI access bay. Feel free to bring your own tools to complete your project but in case you  forget something our tool rental program is available on request. 

      Hourly Rent a Tech 

Do you need a extra set of hand to help you complete your DIY project, or are you a little unsure and need a trained technician to walk you through your repair? The Rent a Tech program allows you to have all the benefits of renting a hourly bay with the addition of having a trained technician right beside you every step of the way to aid in the project. Have your pick from our available trained technicians or we can assign a technician to your bay.  

      Outside Bay rental

Honey Do will have outside stations set up for you to complete your project on the most beautiful days. Enjoy full access to our facility and amenities in a safe and friendly outdoor environment.